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Home » Projects » Accessories » Purse Tassel
Purse Tassel
This versatile and decorative tassel is a wonderful project that can be used in a variety of ways. I use mine as a purse tassel, just clip it to the zipper or metal ring for instant embellishment. You can also use it on a skeleton key, a curtain, blind or fan pull.


  • 1 Metal Clip
  • If you can't find one at your local bead shop, look at a hardware store, fabric shop, locksmith or shoe repair shop. We are currently trying to locate a source, so check back!
  • 3 yards Mastex Cord
  • This comes in a variety of colors. Choose one that compliments the beads you are using.
  • 1 Large Focal Bead
  • 2 Spacer beads
  • Assorted Beads ranging in size from 4-8mm
  • I used about 75 beads on my tassel.
  • Just a few 11/0 Seed Beads
  • A dozen minimum, but you probably won't use more than 24, unless you decide to use them as spacers.


  • Lighter or matches for singing cord
  • Round Nose Plier
  • Chain Nose Plier
  • Wire Cutter
  • Step One

    Cut the mastex cord in half. With one piece wrap the ring of the clip using repeating half hitch knots. If you have never done this before it is simple: tie the cord to the end of the ring leaving a 3 inch tail, wrap cord once around the ring and bring the end up through the loop, pull tight and repeat. Continue repeating until the loop is covered completely. Add a small bead to each end and tie knot after bead to secure the ends.

    Step Two

    Cut the remaining cord into 3 equal pieces. Fold in half and bring the loop around the covered ring, pull the 6 ends through the loop, pull tight.

    Step Three

    Add one large hole spacer, the large hole focal bead, then the other large hole spacer. With all 6 cords tie an overhand knot to secure the beads in place - you may need to use an awl to get the knot close th the bead.

    Step Four

    Place a bead or a grouping of beads onto the cord until it is resting against the knot. Tie a simple overhand knot and put the awl into the center of the knot, slide the knot down until it hits the bead. Pull the knot tight while removing the awl. It is important to keep the tension tight on the cord, especially at the tip of the awl, so the knot does not relax allowing a space between the bead and the knot. (This takes practice so do not get discouraged if your first few knots are loose)

    Step Five

    Trim each of the cords to 1/8", carefully singe ends with flame. If you are not comfortable using a flame, try clear nail polish - just don't use both!

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    Sku:    SBASTD_014
    Item:   Buttered Toast
    Size:    23.5 grams
    Color:  Yellow
    Price: $ 2.50 each
    $ 2.25 6+
    Sku:    SMSTX_752
    Size:    per yard
    Color:  Golden Tan
    Price: $ 0.25 each
    $ 0.40 165+
    Sku:    RES20_002
    Size:    20mm
    Color:  Yellow
    Price: $ 0.85 each
    $ 0.68 10+

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