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Home » Projects » Accessories » Flower Clip
Flower Clip
As many of you know flowerclips are back.I wore these when I was in high school and now my daughter and her friends are wearing them. In anticipation of the trend we ordered the clips and want to share this simple project with you.


  • 4 yards 28g Craft Wire
  • Cut in 1 yard pieces
  • 10" Assorted Seed Beads
  • (11/0, delicas, 3-cut, hex or charlottes)
    Choose colors that blend well in a variety of finishes to give texture to the flower
  • 12 4mm Round Beads
  • 1 6mm Round Bead
  • Tools

  • Chain Nose Plier
  • Wire Cutter
  • Step One

    Slide 3 seed beads onto a piece of 1 yd wire. Thread end of wire back through 2 of the beads, pulling both ends to create a small loop of beads in the center of the wire.

    Step Two

    Add 3 more seed beads on one end of the wire and thread the other end of wire through the seed beads in the opposite direction. Pull gently being careful to work out any kinks in the wire as you see them developing.

    Step Three

    Continue this process to build the petal. The pattern we used is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2. You can develop your own pattern through experimenting with different combinations.

    Step Four

    Add one bead to each of the wires, then start building the next petal, using the pattern in the reverse order. Try using a different color or type of bead for each petal to add interest and texture to the flower.

    Step Five

    To end the petal, thread wire back through a few of the beads, twist around once or twice and snip the ends.

    Step Six

    Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to create 2 more sets of petals. You will need three set to complete 1 flower.

    Step Seven

    Cut the last piece of wire into 4 equal pieces (approx. 9" ea).

    Step Eight

    Thread one of the 4mm beads onto the wire and twist the wire to anchor the bead in the center.

    Step Nine

    Separate the wires, add a bead to one wire and twist several times. Continue until you have 4 beads on each wire. Repeat until you have 3 pieces finished.

    Step Ten

    With the one remaining wire slide the 6mm bead onto the wire and fold in half and twist. Take all the wires and thread through the center of the petals. Twist or braid and coil all the wires to anchor.

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    Sku:    CZPRD4_094
    Size:    4mm
    Color:  Hot Pink AB
    Price: $ 0.05 each
    $ 0.03 100+
    Sku:    SB11_1109
    Item:   #1109
    Size:    1 Hank
    Color:  Rose Garden
    Price: $ 5.00 each
    $ 4.50 6+

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