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Home » Projects » Bracelets » Bangle Bracelet
Bangle Bracelet
This amazing bracelet is made using a Coiling Gizmo. It's an amazing device that allows you to twist wire into incredible shapes.
This project will be two steps. The first will build the bracelet and the second will create the clasp.


  • 1 foot 14g Wire
  • Assorted Beads with hole sizes that fit 14g Wire
  • 5 Feet 22g Soft Wire
  • Tools

  • Coiling Gizmo
  • Steel Block and Hammer
  • Round Nose Plier
  • Chain Nose Plier
  • Wire Cutter
  • Step One

    Set up the coiling gizmo according to the instructions included in the box.

    Step Two

    Use the small mandrel and anchor the 22g wire to the loop on the handle.

    Step Three

    Wind the entire length of the 22g wire into a tight coil.

    Step Four

    Remove coil from Mandrel and trim ends; set aside

    Step Five

    Cut an 8 inch piece of 14g wire and slide the focal beads to the center of the 14g wire.

    Step Six

    Cut a piece of the coil for each side of the beads, leaving about 1" of the wire on each side.

    Step Seven

    Gentely form the wire into a circular form. Use the round nose pliers to create a large loop on each end, hammer for strength, and set aside to make clasp.

    Making the Clasp

    Step One

    Use the remaining 4" peice of 14g wire and hammer both ends flat--
    just the ends, about 1/2"

    Step Two

    Form a small loop with the tip of the round nose pliers. Then with the fullest part of the pilers, make a hook.

    Step Three

    With the other end of the wire create a spiral until you have about 1 1/2" from the bottom of the hook to the end of the coil.

    Step Four

    Use the deep end of the chain nose pliers and place on wire next to the spiral, push the hook towards the spiral making sure the hook is facing out not in.

    Step Five

    Hammer the clasp hook and triangle to strengthn. Gently open loop on one side of the bracelet and attach the trianle end of the clasp.

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    Sku:    CHW14GSSSFT
    Item:   14g Soft
    Size:    1 foot
    Color:  Sterling Silver
    Price: $ 6.00 a foot
    $ 5.50 10+

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