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Briolette Wrapping Tips
Briolettes are the popular top drilled stones that can be tricky to use. These instructions are for one technique of wrapping the stones with wire to create drops that can be added to chain or a ring while the loop is still open.

Step One

Cut 6" of wire for each briolette.

Step Two

Thread bead onto wire so that 1/2" is on one side and the 3 1/2" on the other side.

Step Three

Bend both wires up to form a triangle.

Step Four

Be sure bead is centered, pinch wires with the chain nose plier so both wires are pointed straight up from the pointed tip of the bead.

Step Five

With the chain-nose plier bend the long wire to a right angle about 1/8" over the bead.

Step Six

Use the wire cutters to trim the short wire to the point whre the long wire bends over.

Step Seven

Use the round nose plier to create a loop above the bead, to do this place the round nose plier so the jaw is above the wire and use your thumb to bend the wire up and around the plier until you bring the wire back to a right angle.
Be sure to rotate the plier 1/4 turn while forming the loop to create a perfectly rounded loop.
Remember the tool is merely the form you are using to shape the wire. You control it with your fingers in a push and pull motion.

Step Eight

Add ring or chain and close the loop by wrapping the long wire over the two wires starting at the base of the loop and working toward the tip of the bead.
Trim excess wire and carefully tuck the tip of the wire down.
Download a PDF of this technique Here
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