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Bead Mecca's Jewelry Care Tips
Cleaning your Jewelry on a regular basis will not only prolong the life of the jewelry, but ensure that the look is as fresh as the day the jewelry was made. We have jewelry cleaning tips for all types of beads and stringing materials. Be cautious when using commercial cleaners!
Cleaning Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry
Cleaning your glass and crystal jewelry regularly will ensure that the beads glisten and refract the light as they did when you first made your necklace. For most of your glass and crystal bead jewelry all you need is to wipe using a damp cloth with a little dish soap. This will remove any dust or buildup on the surface of the beads without risking the problems that incur by immersing in water or cleaning solution, such as thread deterioration or cable rust that can stain the hole of the bead. If your beads are so dirty that this method does not work you should take the necklace apart, clean the beads and restring. Do not use commercial dips as they will remove any coating that may be on the beads.
Glass or Crystal Beaded Jewelry
Gemstone Jewelry should never be dipped or used in an ultrasonic cleaner, as it will dull the polish of the stones. If you are cleaning a strung necklace you would follow the same procedure as with your glass bead jewelry, wipe with a damp cloth and if need be a little mild dish soap, but do not immerse. If you have stones that are set with sterling silver you may use a sunshine polishing cloth to polish the silver, as it will not harm the stones.
Sterling Silver Beads
Sterling jewelry that is not worn regularly will tarnish. This is a natural process of oxidization that occurs when the silver is exposed to sulfides in the air. You will see the jewelry take on a golden cast that will darken until it eventually becomes black. If you prefer the bright shiny silver color there are ways of removing the tarnish. Silver dips will take the black off, but may ruin the finish of any beads that are on the necklace, so we do not recommend it. Polishing cloths will only polish the surface, but here is a recipe for a recipe you can make in the kitchen that will take off the tarnish and should not affect most beads. (although we make no guarantee!)

If you line a Pyrex bowl with aluminum foil and set your jewelry in, pour boiling water over it and add a heaping teaspoon of baking soda. Use a wooden or plastic (nonmetal) spoon, stir the jewelry in the fizzing baking soda allowing as much contact as possible to the aluminum foil then leave it for a couple of minutes. Carefully remove as it will be hot, rinse well and pat dry.

Remember that the best anti-tarnish advice is prevention. Store your silver bead jewelry in an airtight container with an anti-tarnish strip
Sterling Chains
Sterling chains can be dipped in a commercial cleaner. To do this dip quickly in and out several times, do not soak! soaking will cause damage and discoloration of the chain. Be sure to rinse well with clean water and pat dry with a towel or soft cloth. If you do not rinse all the cleaning chemical off it will damage the chain.
Gold or Gold Filled Jewelry
Your local jewelry store will have special cleaning compounds for cleaning gold. Gold-filled is cleaned in the same manner.
Base Metal Beads
Base metal beads are impossible to clean. They are often made without a protective sealer and tend to discolor quickly. commercial cleaners will often turn the beads black, which is irreversible. If you consider that prevention is the best remedy to discoloration you can avoid moisture and chemicals like perfumes or hairspray.
Wood and Bone
hese beads can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Be careful of moisture as the beads are porous and will not hold up well if washed in water. There are cleaners like furniture polish that is designed to be used on porous materials, but they may discolor the beads, so test first. We have a Native American customer who swears by Old English Oil for his bone hairpipe chokers.
Wipe the pearls with a slightly damp soft cloth to get rid of any perfume, makeup or perspiration after each wearing. Occasionally a more thorough cleaning is required. Dip a soft cloth in soapy water (use a mild liquid detergent) and wring out, gently rub the pearls in each direction. Wipe a second time with another cloth that is just damp (no soap) to remove any residue left by the soap. Rub gently with a soft dry cloth to dry.
Leather Cord Necklaces
Leather needs to be conditioned to prevent drying and cracking. You can do this by using shoe polish. Using a soft cloth with a little shoe polish, gently rub over the exposed areas of the cord periodically to keep it in good shape.

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