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The Power of...
Many cultures believe in guiding powers. Animals and Colors have special meanings, we tell you what they are.

Animal Chart
Alligator survival, adaptability
Ant group-minded, worker
Antelope speed, grace, rapid advancement
Bat guardian of the night, worker
Bear strength, intraspection, self-knowledge
Bear Paw strength, mobility
Beaver building, gathering, shaping
Bee service, gathering, community
Bird unity, freedom, community
Buffalo abundance, healing, good fortune
Butterfly transformation, balance, grace
Caribou travel, mobility
Cougar balance, leadership, courage
Coyote humor, trickiness, playful
Crane balance, majesty, independence
Crow council, wisdom, resourcefullness
Deer gentleness, sensititvity, peace
Dolphin joy, harmony, connection with self
Dragonfly skill, refinement, relentlessness
Eagle potency, healing, power, illumination
Elk pride, power, majesty
Feather spirit
Fox cleverness, subtlety, discretion
Frog cleansing, peace, emotional healing
Goat tenacity, diligence
Goose safe return, love of home
Hawk awareness, truth, observer
Hedgehog self-preservation
Horse freedom, power, sage movement
Hummingbird beauty, wonder, agility
Kokopelli fertility, music, jog
Lizard letting go, elusiveness
Loon communication, serenity
Moose illusion, charm
Otter joy, laughter, lightness
Owl wisdom, vision, insight
Porcupine innocence, humility
Quail protectiveness, group harmony
Rabbit conquering fear, safety
Raven mystery, exploration of the unknown
Salmon determination, persistence
Sandpiper quickness, foraging, scavenging
Seagull carefree atitude, versatitliy, freedom
Seal contentment
Shark hunter, survivor
Skunk caution, warning
Spider perseverance, determination
Squirrel trust, thrift
Swan elegance, nurturing
Turtle love, protection, healing, knowledge
Whale creativity, intuition
Wolf teaching skill, loyalty, interdependence
Wolf Print loyalty, success, perseverance

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