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For Thousand of years the energy of stones have been thought to heal. We have compiled a list of the most common stones and their attributes. Please feel free to use this information, but realize that we are in no way responsible for the outcome of the power of stone therapy, as for some this is folklore.
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Abalone comes in shades of blues, greens, pinks, and purples and has an iridescent quality. The most intensely colored is the abalone from New Zealand called Paua. Abalone is used

Agates are found throughout the USA and Mexico. They range in color from shades of Greens and blue-grays to browns, beiges and reds. Agates are believed to aid upset stomach and discomfort during pregnancy.
  • Banded Eye Agate - sexual energy and stamina
  • Blue Lace - stress
  • Moss - eyes, stomach, bladder

  • Amazonite
    Found in Russia, Brazil, Africa and the USA. Amazonite is blue green and green, often with gray or white striations. Amazonite is believed to calm, balance and increase stamina and vitality.

    Found mainly on the Baltic coast. Amber ranges in color from Butterscotch to deep golden yellow and reddish brown. Amber helps stimulate the metabolism, aids in stomach, spleen and kidney complaints, arthritis and headaches.

    Amethyst is found in Brazil, Mexico, Morocco Uraguay and Western Australia. The purple color ranges from a pale lavender to a dark violet. headaches (particularly migraines), improves concentration, blood and breathing.

    Found in Brazil and Bolivia. Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst an Citrine. It is a translucent violet and golden color. Ametrine is believed to stimulate brain activity and aid in depression. It is a soothing stone that brings inner harmony.

    Found in Sri Lanka, Burma India, Brazil, Canada and Mexico. Apatite is a Blue, blue-gray or blue-violet color. It is believed to aid in joint and bone health.

    Found in Brazil, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanastan and the USA. Aquamarine is translucent and comes in shades of blue-greens. This stone is believed to aid primarily in throat problems, but also helps with the stomach, nerves and liver.

    Found in Morocco, Germany and Italy. Aragonite is a creamy yellow or a reddish brown. Aragonite helps stregthen the immune system and has a soothing effect.

    Found in Brazil, South Africa, Siberia and India. Aventurine is most commonly green, but is also available in a reddish peach or blue variation. It is believed to help with skin problems and nearsightedness.Found in Brazil, South Africa, Siberia and India. Aventurine is most commonly green, but is also available in a reddish peach or blue variation. It is believed to help with skin problems and nearsightedness.

    Found in Morocco, Arizona and Germany. Azurite is a dark blue, but is often found with malachite inclusions. Azurite is believed to aid in the healing of wounds, and detoxification. The copper mineral found in the Azurite-malachite helps with kidney and liver problems.
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    blood and energy circulation

    Found in India, Western Australia, China, South Africa and Brazil. Bronzite comes in shades of bronze, browns with traces of pyrite. Bronzite is believed to help skin disorders and rashes. It also helps heal psychological trauma.
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    Calcite is a common mineral found all over the world. Calcite is most often a translucent yellow,but is also found in orange, pink, brown green and blue. Calcit is belived to aid in skin and bone disorders.

    Fond in Brazil, Uraguay, India, South Africa, Australia and the USA. Carnelian is reddish-orange, yellow or brown. Carnelian is believed to promote good digestion and stimulate circulation.

    Found in Namibia, Brazil, Uruguay, India, Madagascar and the USA. Chalcedony is a milky blue, blue-gray or coppery pink. Chalcedony aids in problems with the neck, tonsils and vocal chords.

    Found in Eastern Siberia. Chaorite is an opaque violet purple with mauve striations. Chaorite helps build self-confidence and courage.

    Found in Chile, Russia, Israel, South Africa ind the USA. Chrysocolla is a deep rich turquoise blue-green. Chrysocolla is believed to aid in burn recovery and throat inflammation.

    Found in Australia, Brazil, India and South Africa. Chrysoprase is a translucent green. It is believed to aid in blood pressure and heart problems.

    Found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Spain, France and the USA. Citrine is a transparent golden yellow. Citrine aids in calming the nervous system and strengthening the immune system.

    Found in the reefs of warm seas in the Mediterranean, Australia, Japan and Africa. Coral ranges in color from deep red, salmon, pink, white and black. Coral stimulates the bloodstream, promotes tissue growth and and helps with osteoporosis. It is recommended for menopausal women.
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    Found in Australia and Brazil. Most common color is green, but is also found in black and blue and star. Diopside It is recommended for Kidney and bladder problems and helps with bruising.

    Found in Switzerland, Austria, Yugoslavia and Germany. Dolomite is brownish-red or white. Sugar dolomite is white with inclusions of pyrite. Dolomite aids in skin and bone disorders.

    Found in South Africa, Madagascar, Canada and the USA. Dumortierite is blue to violet-blue. It is known to help with upset stomach and calming the nerves

    Found in South Africa. Diamonds are best known in the clear, but are also found yellow, green, blue or black. Diamonds are good for balancing the flow of energy.
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    Found in Columbia, Australia, Brazil, India and Pakistan. Emeralds are shades of green. Believed to help with vision, headaches and mental growth.
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    Fire Opal
    Found in Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Denmark Guatemala and Kazakhstan. The color ranges from fiery red to orange-yellow with brown and reddish brown. Fire Opals are believed to stimulate sexuality, circulation and increase energy.

    Found in Spain, England China, Mexico and the USA. The rainbow fluorite is shades of purple, green and yellow striated in a transparent feldspar. It is also found in the colors independently. Fluorite is good for respiratory problems, ulcers and joint problems.
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    Found in Czech Republic, Madagascar, India, Australia, South Africa and North America. Garnet is most commonly dark red, but can also be found in green, yellow and black. Garnet helps with blood circulation and heart problems.

    Found in Queensland, Australia and around the world. Color ranges from green to brown to rusty-orange and is often referred to as green garnet. Grossular garnet helps with arthritis and osteoporosis.
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    Found in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden. Hematite is shiny metallic gray-black, and sometimes reddish-brown. Hematite increases the oxygen supply to the body.
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    Found in China, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Iolite is Blue, violet or gray. It is believed to alleviate problems in the digestive tract, including bloating, heartburn and stomach and bowel problems.
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    Found in China, Burma, Canada and New Zealand. Jade is most often shades of green, but also violet, yellow and black. Jade is good for all glandular functions and is often worn during childbirth.

    Found in India, Mexico, France, Egypt, Africa, Australia, Brazil and the USA. There are many types of jaspers. Each with there own healing properties.
  • Picture Jasper is excellent for will power and success.
  • Dalmatian Jasper aids memory retention and development of psychic ability.
  • Fancy Jasper use for depression or if something is bothering you.
  • Poppy Jasper is for happiness and contentment.
  • Mookaite is good for menopause, health and harmony.
  • Red Jasper stimulates sexuality and fertility

  • Jet (petrified Coal)

    Found in the USA, Brazil, Russia and the Dominican Republic. Jet is opaque black. Jet is good for arthritis and joint inflammation. It also helps in the treatment of colds.
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    Found in Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Myanmar and the USA. Kunzite is transparent pinks, reds and violet. Kunzite helps balance inner turmoil and is good for people struggling with addiction.

    Found in Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, West Africa, Brazil and the USA. Kyanite is mostly blue, but can be pink, yellow or green. Kyanite is especially good for the throat. It helps promote expression and language development.
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    Found in Finland, Canada, Madagascar, Australia, Mexico, Russia and the USA. Labradorite is gray-blue with an iridescent flash of all colors on the surface. Labrodorite is believed to help with joint and back problems, as well as calming, harmonizig and sharpening intuition.

    Found in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Chile and Lake Bakal. Lapis ranges from light Blue to a deep Azure Blue with pyrite inclusions. Lapis helps promote understanding and intuition.
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    Found in Austria, Greece, Poland Russia, China and the USA. Magnesite is White to yellow. Magnesite is believed to stimulate the metabolism. It also is relaxing and helps with migraines and stomach cramps.

    Found in Zaire, Israel, Australia, Africa and the USA. Malachite is Green with banding. Malachite promotes growth and builds strength. It is believed to aid in the prevention of heart problems.

    Found in Sri Lanka, Brazil and the USA. Moonstone comes in creamy translucent shades of white, yellow, peach and blue. Moonstone is most beneficial for women, as it helps balance hormones.
    O back to top
    Found where volcanoes erupt. Obsidian is solid lava, which is usually black, but sometimes a mahogany brown color or has a rainbow effect. Obsidian improves circulation and reduces tension.
  • Apache's Tears Found in Arizona and Utah. Apaches Tears are actually Volcanic rock created when the lava hit water or ice. They are believed to relieve depression and aid in digestive problems.
  • Snowflake Obsidian muscle cramps, detoxification
  • Rainbow Obsidian pain, tension, energy blocks
  • Mahogany Obsidian Helps promote logical thought.

  • Onyx
    Found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico and the USA. Onyx is opaque Black. Onyx is believed to help heal skin wounds, fungal infections and sunburn.

    Found in Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Peru. Opals are are Opalescent shades of cream, white, blue, green, red , yellow and black with a rainbow flash. Opals are believed to restore inner harmony. Peruvian opals are found only in the Andes and Come in shades of pinks and blue-greens. Peruvian Opal is believed to aid with respiratory problems and helps alleviate allergies.
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    Found off the coasts of Central America, North Australia and the Persian Gulf. Pearts come in many shades including white, cream, silver, gold blue and black. Pearls relieve headaches and reduce allergies.

    Found in Egypt, Norway, Arizona and Germany. Peridot is a lime or olive green. It is believed to protect from dehydration, strengthen organs and reduce anger.

    Petrified Wood
    Found in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Africa and Germany. Petrified wood is most often Brown or gray-brown, but will sometimes have shades of red, blue, green or yellow. Petrified wood stabilizes health and encourages contentment.

    Found in Peru, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Sweden and the USA. Pyrite is Golden, brassy yellow or silver. Pyrite aids in the treatment of lung infections and bronchial problems.
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    Quartz Crystal
    Found in the Alps, Madagascar, Brazil, Austria and the USA(Arkansas) Quartz crystals are transparent and come in clear, pink, smokey brown and sometimes have inclusions. Quartz crystals amplify the healing power of other stones.
  • Rose Quartz for youthful skin, blood circulation, sexual problems.
  • Rutilated Quartz helps respiratory problems.
  • Smokey Quartz alleviates pain, cramps, back problems.

  • R back to top
    Found in Peru and Colorado. Pink with white striations. Helps stabilize circulation and blood pressure.

    Found in South Africa, Australia, China Mexico and the USA. Rhodonite is pink with black inclusions. Rhodonite helps with heart and circulation problems. It is also good for sexuality and fertility.

    Found in Siberia, Thailand, India, Myanmar, Siam, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Rubies are red. Rubies promote sexual energy, Build the immune system and cure eye infections.
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    Found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Northern India, Austria Brazil and North America. Sapphires are most commonly blue, but can be green, yellow and purple-black. Sapphires help regulate the nervous system.

    Found in China, India, South-West Africa, Australia, Brazil and Uraguay. Sardonyx is banded black and white or reddish brown. Sardonyx helps with back and liver problems.

    Found in South-West Africa, China, India, Russia and the USA. Serpentine is green, brown and yellow. Serpentine aids in kidney and stomach trouble, menstrual cramps and mood swings.

    Found in Brazil, China and South-West Africa. Sodalite is Dark Blue with white inclusions. Sodalite helps with thyroid and throat problems and reduces blood pressure.

    Found in Sweden, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the USA. Spinel is translucent and comes in Pink, red, violet, orange, blue, green and black. Spinel helps with inflammation of the muscles and joints.

    Found in South Africa. Sugilite is opaque lilac purple. Alleviates pain and helps treat nervous disorders and epilepsy.

    Found in the USA, Canada, Madagascar, India and Norway. Sunstone is a translucent reddish-brown iridescent color, but Oregon sunstone is a clear yellow with pink. Sunstone invigorates the heart, back, eyes and kidneys.
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    Tiger Eye
    Found in South Africa, Western Australia, India and the USA. Tiger's eye is a shimmering golden brown with stripes. Tiger's eye is good for asthma and bronchitis.

    Found in Urals, Sri Lanka, South-West Africa, Brazil and the USA. Topaz is usually dark to golden yellow. Activates metabolism and aids in releasing nervous tension.

    Found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Angola, Mozambique, South-West Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the USA. Tourmaline ranges in color from black to shades of pinks, greens, browns and blues. Tourmaline helps regulate blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. Black tourmaline works with intestinal problems while Watermelon tourmaline helps with nerve regeneration.

    Found in Arizona, Mexico, Tibet, Myanmar, China, Israel and Poland. Turquoise comes in shades of blues and greens. Turquoise helps rheumatism and stomach problems, viral infections and is an anti-inflammatory.
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    Found in the Unakas Mountains between North Carolina and Tennessee. Unakite is opaque green with coral striations. Unakite helps balance the emotions.
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    Found in Tanzania. Zoisite is green, pink or blue and sometimes has inclusions of ruby. Zoisite promotes growth and strengthens the immune system.

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